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Surveys taken over the last five years in Los Angeles Country and Ventura County demonstrate that tenants find their apartment buildings in various ways, but clearly some methods are used far more than others. Following are the survey results which set forth both how tenants find their apartments, and most importantly, the percentage of tenants that utilize each method.

Method   Percentage
The tenants know the area in which they want to live and drive the streets looking for a building that appeals to them. When they locate a building that appeals to them, assuming it has an "Apartment Available" sign displayed, and the management company name displayed is not a negative factor, they will either call the number on the sign or check in with the on-site manager.   85%
The tenants check Craigslist.org for available apartments in their area of choice. Generally, they will call the phone number provided to make an appointment with the manager if the advertised apartment appears to satisfy their requirements, and the management company is a positive or neutral factor.   7%
The tenants receive a referral from a friend or acquaintance who is happy living in their apartment home.   2%
The tenants seek a referral from the property management company managing the apartment building where they currently reside.   1%
The tenants conduct an internet search other than on Craigslist.org.   3%
The tenants review newspaper advertisements for available apartments.   Less than 1%
Yellow Page Ads   Less than 1%
Other Methods   Less than 1%


What We Have Concluded

The appearance of the apartment building from the street is the most important factor in getting a prospective tenant to inquire. Investing money wisely on the face of the property almost always pays a high return.
Craigslist.org, which is free, should be used 100% of the time to advertise vacancies.
Money spent on other internet advertising and newspaper ads has nominal value and is not cost effective.
The reputation of your management company and on-site manager can help the landlord or hurt the landlord when it comes to filling vacancies.


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